Murray Park Iris

Golden Reeves is taking care of the iris at Murray Park.  It was a great display!  If you didn't make it to the park, here is what you missed:

 The original bed was all hybrid iris, but had a severe quack grass infestation. Karen Crook and Becky Hansen decide to remove all the iris, spray the grass, then replant the iris. Unfortunately, the iris dried out before we could replant them. Karen had visited an iris garden in northern Utah called Zebra Gardens. She contacted the owner who agreed to donate new iris in exchange for helping him put together a large order for the USU Botanical garden. We spent a good part of a day helping him clean and label irises and received lots of gorgeous hybrid irises in return. Last year, Golden adopted the garden after seeing how lovely the blooms where. He also added some of his own. He has weeded and fertilized the garden the last two years.

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