Upcoming Meeting Dates

Make plans to attend SLMGA's monthly meetings:

  Thursday, February 21st
  Business Meeting / Projects / Seed Exchange
  6:30pm Social, 7:00pm Meeting
  2100 S State, Salt Lake County Complex USU Extension training room S1008

 The agenda for the February will include an introduction from our new Board President, Ron Jones. He will talk briefly about the annual budget and plans for the association during the coming year. Our project leaders will present information about each SLMGA project to help you determine where you would like to volunteer during the upcoming gardening season. We will also update members about upcoming volunteer opportunities with the USU Extension. Golden Reeves will then give a short presentation on seed propagation, collection and storage.

The Annual Seed Exchange will also take place. Please bring your extra seeds to share with your MG friends. 

Thursday, March 21st
  Slow The Flow In Your Backyard
  6:30pm Social, 7:00pm Meeting
  2100 S State, Salt Lake County Complex USU Extension training room S1008

Molly Waters, Utah State University Water Check Program Manager will be our guest speaker. She will talk about general water conservation, “The USU Residential Landscape Water Check Program” and low water use landscaping.

Come and learn more about efficient irrigation practices and how we can conserve those precious water resources in our own gardens. 

Thursday, April 25th
 Annual Plant Exchange 
 time and location TBD
Share your extra starts and pick up something new at our annual plant exchange.  The date has been moved to the 4th Thursday this month to take advantage of warmer weather (hopefully!).

Thursday, January 17th 2013 General Meeting Overview

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

  We spent a delightful evening with gardening enthusiast Joy Bossi, known for her radio program Joy In The Garden and more recently as author of 2 new garden books.  Ron Jones opened our meeting with an update on the relationship between SLMGA and USU Ext Master Gardener program.  The two organizations committed to work closely with each other and combine projects so all approved project hours will count toward your Master Gardener hours.  Ron will sit on the advisory council for the USU Ext Master Gardener program.  We also welcomed a number of new SLMGA members from the last graduated Master Gardener class.  Ron encouraged us to adopt the motto: Learn - Grow - Teach.

  Joy then entertained us with gardening stories and antics that are included in her book, The Incredible Edible Landscape.  Do you plant herbs among your annual flowers?  You should, they are both beautiful and delicious!  Don't know how to cook with a particular herb?  Plant it, try it and you will learn.  Joy challenged everyone to plant an edible plant that they have never grown before.

Ron Jones & Joy Bossi

Joy and her book

Good friends 
yummy snacks!

SLMGA Board 2013

Introducing the SLMGA 2013 Board Members
(L-R) Jan Konold-Secretary, Terry Curling-Vice President, Ron Jones-President, Cheri Schulzke-Treasurer, LeeAnn Ehrhart-Historian, Diane Curtz-Past President.

Learn - Grow - Teach