Meeting Dates

Topic: Plant Diagnostics
by JayDee Gunnell, USU Salt Lake County Extension Agent
Date: Thursday, May 15th, 2014
6:30 Social / 7:00 Meeting
Location: USU Extension Classroom (room S1008)
Salt Lake County Bldg., 2100 S State
** remember to sign in/out with security in north building **

Master Gardener” carries an expectation that anyone associated with the program is an expert on anything to do with plants, insects, diseases and any other maladies that might be connected with anything that goes wrong in the landscape. However the “art” of diagnosis is not always easy. JayDee will walk us through the diagnostic process and discuss common and uncommon plant problems.

Topic: Tour Sego Lily Gardens
Date: Thursday, June 19th, 2014
6:30 Tour and discussion
Location: Sego Lily Gardens
1472 East Sego Lily Drive (10200 South)

Sego Lily Gardens is an educational garden designed for the public to observe and learn how to use water conservation principles and practices to create a beautiful and water-wise landscape. Take a springtime stroll through the gardens.

New State Tree

Farewell Colorado Blue Spruce; Colorado can have you as their state tree now (oh wait, they already do). Welcome Quaking Aspen! After 81 years of blue spruce, the 2014 Utah legislative session voted to change Utah's state tree from Picea pungens (commonly known as the Colorado Blue Spruce) to Populus tremuloids, the beautiful Quaking Aspen.